Edge to Edge Pricing (E2E)

We offer hundreds of Edge to Edge (all over) Pantograph quilting patterns from which you can choose for your quilting design. If you don’t see the perfect design, click here to see even more at Urban Elementz.

E2E pricing:

.02¢ per square inch paid by cash or check.

Minimum is $40.00 per quilt, placemats, table runner, etc.

Rush Order $40.00 (less than 10 days)

All patterns are digital and can be resized from 4 inches to 20 inches.  Each pattern is sized to match the specific needs of your quilt.


48” x 62” = 2976” x .02¢ = $59.52



Thread charge is an additional $1.00 per spool. Maximum of a $10.00 thread charge per job.

We use Superior’s King Tut thread  variegated 40 wt. 100% cotton as the top thread and Superior’s Omni Poly Coated Poly Core solid as the bottom thread.


If you are mailing your quilt to me, postage is the customers, responsibility to pay when sending your quilt to me as well as when I send it back to you. We recommend sending your quilts via the US Postal Service. If your project will fit in one of the flat rate boxes, this option can be less expensive and also includes tracking and insurance in the cost of the postage.


Pricing on binding is the same regardless of payment type.

Full Binding  = .20¢ per linear inch. (W+L x 2 = Linear inches x .20¢ = total cost) Binding will be applied to the bottom and machine stitched on the front.**

Partial Binding  = .15¢ per linear inch. (W+L x 2 = Linear inches x .15¢ = total cost) Binding will be attached to the top only.  Customer will finish.**

Example: Full Binding  – (48”+ 62” ) x 2 = 220” x .20¢ = $44.00

Customer should provide 1 yard of binding fabric.

**Pricing on binding service is not discounted regardless of payment type

Quilt Batting

We carry Quilters Dream Batting for all your quilting needs
  • Dream Green is $10.00 per yard
  • 80/20 Dream Blend is $12.50 per yard
  • Dream Orient/Bamboo is $14.00 per yard
  • 100% Dream Cotton is $ 14.00 per yard
  • Dream Wool is $14.00 per yard
We also carry packaged batting 
  • Dream Green: Crib (48×60) $11.00,                                                                       Throw (60×60) $12.00 & King (120×122) $38.00
  • 80/20 Dream Blend: Crib (48×60) $13.00,                                                            Throw (60×60) $16.00 & King (120×122) $55.00
  • 100% Dream Cotton: Crib (48×60) $15.00,                                                          Throw (60×60) $18.00 & King (120×122) $64.00
  • Dream Orient/Bamboo: Crib (48×60) $15.00,                                                     Throw (60×60) $18.00 & King (120×122) $64.00
  • Dream Wool: Crib (48×60) $15.00, Throw (60×60) $18.00                                & King (120×122) $64.00

Other Costs

Sewing your backing fabric together is $10.00.

Adding leaders to your backing fabric is $10.00 per leader. (because your backing fabric is not 8 inches longer and 8 inches wider than your quilt top).

Any additional service such as piecing back, pressing, seam repairs, tuck etc. is $20.00 per hour